Below the Surface

A more readable and in-depth company blog

Our blog turned 5 years old this week. When we started working on the redesign of our blog, we asked ourselves: what makes a good company blog?

Inspiration vs. Insights

One of our main purposes on the blog was to post about things that inspire us. But inspiration posts have become a commodity. Provided by blogs who are better at it, and largely replaced by Facebook pages, Pinterest and other sources. The company blogs we like to read are Happy Cog's Cognition, Headscape's Boagworld and Frog's design mind. Blogs that offer insights into the daily work of working at a digital agency. From web design to project management, we're planning to give you a look Below the Surface of Mangrove.

It's a road that we've already taken in recent months on our blog and will continue to follow. With coverage about events we attended, important trends we're seeing, about learning or our daily work. By focussing on in-depth articles, combined with a new layout we want to focus more on quality and less on quantity. If we write about something, we'll try to create context in what it means for our or your day-to-day job.

You can follow us more closely on Facebook. If you're looking for daily inspiration, you can check out NewWork and Obeymagazine, blogs we contribute to.

Apart from that, we have some other additions:


Death to Bullshit. No clunky sidebars & sharing buttons in the overview. Articles are served in clean layout, improved for readability. Optimised for different screen sizes.


Bundles are collections of posts that can be followed separate, for example the brand-new 'the Weekly Wonders of the Web'. More Bundles will follow soon.


English has been the main language at our office since several international colleagues and clients joined us. We want all our colleagues and clients to be able to read and contribute to our blog. Besides that, we consider us part of a bigger web community that mainly speaks English. We attend and speak at international events and our blog is a way to keep in contact.

Welcome Below the Surface.