Educate yourself

By Rool Paap, former Developer at Mangrove

So I know how to calculate the clustering coefficient of a Erdős–Rényi model, and that it's equivalent to its edge density and I know the limitations of the Bartle Player Type Model and where to fit the Killers, Achievers, Explorers and Socializers. So I know how to calculate a symmetric pure strategy Bayesian equilibrium for an Ebay auction and I know how to evaluate the 10 design heuristics from Jacob Nielsen. So I know what a Markov Decision Process is and how to use them to find the optimal route on a state diagram. 


I'm a nerd. No doubt about it. I know these things and am proud of it. But as Socrates already stated some 400 years BC, true knowlegde is to know that you know nothing. To quote the famous philosofer Manuel: "You always say I know nothing, but I learn!". So I learn.


You probably all know about MMORPG, the Massively multiplayer online role-playing games. A new variant is MOOC, the massively open online course. Several well known and respected Universities like Stanford, Penn State, Princeton, Vanderbilt, GeorgiaTech and Calltech joined forces and created, a free online university. Last month they enrolled the millionth student. I even got interviewed by the NOS about it. 

Rool on the NOS

Educate yourself

My message today is very simple. Educate yourself. Ever wondered if you could program your own robotic car? Now you can. And to my fellow Mangroovies I would like to point out the excellent course by Scott Klemmer on how to build your human-centered design skills to create excellent interfaces, also known as Human-Computer Interaction. Starts September 24th 2012 and lasts 9 weeks. And it is free of charge. That's right. The best courses from the top universities for free. Not a single penny. 

Too nerdy for me

Sure, most of you are thinking, that's way to nerdy for me. Then I've got great news for you. Coursera is offering almost 200 different courses right now. Want to learn the history of the world since 1300? The influence of drugs and the human brains?
Thinking about a developing innovative ideas for you new company? Wanted to write your own song? And for my fellow Urban Photo Collective friends, The camera never lies!

I'm pretty sure you got my message by now. Go forth and educate thyself!

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