Dear Santa

By Tanja Stomp, former Online marketeer at Mangrove

We don’t want a lot for Christmas. We don’t even wish for snow. We got everything already;  the best clients, great campaigns, a christmas tree, nice colleagues and a nice computer to work on. But we do want to ask you for some tiny things we think will improve our daily work. Just a couple of ideas to make us want to get up out of bed even earlier, and make us want to sing along with Mariah Carey.

I love using AdWords, it is by far the best online advertising system out there. But, with every great thing, there is always room for improvement.

Improve Enhanced Campaigns

Before enhanced campaigns kicked in, we had the opportunity to bid on both tablet and mobile separately. It was also possible to exclude tablets or mobile. Not only was this easier to manage (with different ad groups or campaigns per device), some of our customers only want to be visible on desktop.

So for practical and strategic reasons: give us the option to exclude tablets back!

Quality Scores 2.0

High Quality Scores can lead to lower Cost per Click, however, how can we possibly understand how a quality score affects our prices when it is only available at keyword level? We would love to see average quality score on campaign and ad group level (and in Analytics).

Also, we would love to see quality scores in the display network as well, considering AdWords mentioned using a quality score for display network. Speaking of which: why can’t you give websites with ad sense a quality score as well? By doing that, we can start bidding on websites we want to display on. A site like the Guardian is commonly more valuable than Oh, and a preview option for the urls would be nice too (then we don’t have to go back an forth in browser tabs).

Exclude location based keywords

We also want to exclude location based keywords, like ‘{keyword} den bosch’. We keep on adding our list of all the names of small villages to exclude in campaigns, but the list seems endless. Although not really easy to make, isn’t there a way to exclude all the geographically based search keywords by just clicking on a feature to exclude all location based keywords?

Search terms

We love the search terms report, however we would love if we could just have an automatic rule that can actually add search terms based on the rules we insert (like - add search terms in the same campaign that converted). Next to that, we also would like to be able to add a search term, but add it easily in a different campaign or add it as an exact or phrase keyword and have the option to easily add them to other campaigns.


There are three network-options to place ads: in the search network, search partners (like Gmail, Google Shopping, etcetera) and display network. We have the option to choose only display and we have the option to exclude search partners, but there isn’t an option that provides for only search partners. Next to this option we would love the possibility to add or exclude certain search partners.


And last but not least: annotations in AdWords can be very useful! The code is easy to use from Analytics, but we would love to not rely on history of change for the changes colleagues have made.

We are humble, just a few of these points will make us happy.

Shoot, with three of these points completed in the next year we’ll never ask for anything again. Promised.

Thank you in advance Santa!


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