Mangrove new hires

Welcoming 8 new people to Mangrove


Over the last six months Mangrove has shifted to a strategically led digital agency focused on the customer experience. As a part of the shift, Mangrove acquired the New York agency Phoekus and appointed its founder, Mike Brady, Managing Director of Mangrove. “The key to our success will be our talent and how well we work together,” noted Mike Brady.

In the last 6 months Mangrove has added to its team:

Jochem van Berne, Senior strategist

Martin Zuidema - Senior designer

Rafaela van Meurs - Experience designer

Marleen Achtereekte - Project manager

Bob Smits - Senior developer

Danny Arntz - Senior developer

Menno Schaap - Online marketer

Bo Bergevoet - Sales associate

Mangrove continues to hire talented people. An overview of available jobs can be found at

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