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New challenges in a web gone mobile

‘Is our website mobile yet?’ ‘Do we already have an app?’ Everybody's talking mobile and jumping on it. Since the first real smartphone was released in 2006 we have been faced with new challenges. But are these challenges still the same in 2013? If we look at what mobile means today, we can say there is no such thing as a mobile web. Today mobile means us. We are online, everywhere and all the time. On numerous devices and multiple screen sizes. So it is not about your mobile site or one particular app. It is about you. Wherever you are, and whatever you are looking at.


So, what is mobile anyway?

After years of talking about mobile, it got really serious with the launch of iPhone and Android devices. But with the arrival of tablets the line between mobile and desktop is becoming thinner and thinner. Is a 6” device with 3G, a phone or a tablet?

Most obviously, mobile is something we can carry with us. But do we define a Microsoft Surface with a keyboard attached as mobile? If so, what’s an 11” Macbook Air? Or a Chromebook Pixel with a touchscreen. With the first 18” tablets arriving, it looks like we can’t define mobile by appearance or screen estate anymore.


And what's the usage?

It’s hard to define mobile by appearance, but even more in usage. It’s attractive to use mobile to define your user case. Mobile is on the road right? So no time to read long articles, only quick actions please.

But a growing amount of users have replaced their traditional desktop computer with a ‘smartphone’ or ‘tablet’. And if they haven’t replaced it yet, there is still a big chance they book hotels through mobile, because their laptop lies a massive 20 cm out of reach. And when we leave the house our devices travel with us.

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      of the total time spent on the internet is on a mobile device

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      of cell phone users say they can’t live without their mobile phone

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      of all Google searches is done through a mobile device

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      of consumers use a second device while watching TV

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    of web users say they expect a website to load on their mobile phone in 3 seconds

A seamless experience

Everybody uses the web differently, but we all want a seamless experience. If you share or receive an article with someone, you want it to work, and not block you out just because you’re not on the right device. It might be optimized for your device, but you want the article to be the same. Some might call it responsive, adaptive or mobile. In the end, the technique shouldn’t matter to your users. You want them to have the content and experience they expect.


OK, got it. But what about apps?

An app is something completely different. It should add functional value. If you have a Taxi app, you probably want a taxi to drive to you. A clear, narrowly defined purpose in combination with a clear target audience with (latent) needs and good marketing can make an app successful. But people are becoming more critical when it comes to installing apps. Just look at your own smartphone: which apps are there to stay?

How can we help you

These challenges show you really need to think about your mobile strategy. We can help you define this strategy and help you make the choices you have to make. Because mobile is still changing rapidly. Will we be wearing smart glasses or watches? Will we still need a phone? Or even a screen? Nobody knows. But we do know you have to be adaptive to change.

We can help you to make the right choices and create an agile roadmap for the future. You can be ready for whatever the future holds.

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Jeroen van Eck

Jeroen van Eck


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