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Digital strategy

Aligning Your Digital Efforts for Greatest Impact

The strategy is to align and design your efforts to seamlessly work together. The question is - to what?  And the answer is, at this point in time, is the customer experience.  If you want to design your digital efforts to be aligned to create the best possible customer experiences then we can help.

Create useful archetypes of your customers

Map the customers journeys

Design, at a high-level, their ideal journeys

Identify opportunities to better leverage your digital efforts

Organic and Paid Campaigns

Earning the Attention of Your Prospects

Gone are the days when you can just shout messages at your prospects and hope to drive business.  People are more savvy and demanding.  The challenge is to earn their attention and the aspiration is to capture their imagination.  Since everyone is vying for their attention you need to provide some value in exchange for it. To achieve this we can help you.

Create campaign concept based on a clear value exchange

Execute the campaign via Paid or Organic means

Create content necessary for the campaign

Websites and Marketing Automation

Building Relationships and Nurturing Prospects to Generate Leads

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Strategize, design, build, and opti-mise your lead generating website

Establish a content strategy

Create content

Integrate your CRM, marketing automation platform, and

Setup optimization infrastructure

Provide monthly optimisation recommendations


Persuading prospects to become your customers

For some businesses the purchase of the product or service happens online.  For others it happens offline. If you are converting customers online we can help you.

Strategize, design and build your ecommerce website

Create content

Setup optimization infrastructure

Provide monthly optimization  recommendations and implementation

App and Product Development

Creating Great Customer Experiences

Once you persuade your prospect to become your customer you need to deliver on that promise. For businesses that are largely digital we can help you.

Design your app or product with the customer at the center

Optimize your customers’ experience using your app or product